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Thirteenth Generation

5768. Clement LANIER died before 1661 in East Greenwich, St Alphage Parish, England. He was born in France. BIOGRAPHY: C L E M E N T L A N I E R

BIOGRAPHY: Our second Lanier generation ancestor is Clement Lanier, Gentleman of the King's Chamber, fifth child of Nicholas, Sr., and Lucreece Lanier. Clement, also a musician, played the flute. He married March 1628 at St. Margaret Lee, to Hanna Collet. Clement and Hanna had eleven children, 8 of them registered in a book of Greenwich in the St. Alphege Parish. The Virginia Lanier immigrants descend from Clement and Hannah Collet. Their son John Lanier is the ancestor who immigrated and is our immediate line.#

BIOGRAPHY: Children of Clement:

BIOGRAPHY: 1. Hannah Lanier, married November 16, 1665, Thomas Swetnam.

BIOGRAPHY: 2. Lionel Lanier, baptized February 17, 1643-4, buried September 19, 1665.

BIOGRAPHY: 3. John Lanier, born October 1631 in Lewisham. (Our line).

BIOGRAPHY: 4. Nicholas Lanier, died in 1665.

BIOGRAPHY: 5. William Lanier

BIOGRAPHY: 6. Frances Lanier

BIOGRAPHY: 7. Elizabeth Lanier

BIOGRAPHY: 8. Susanna Lanier

BIOGRAPHY: 9. Lucretia Lanier

BIOGRAPHY: 10. Charles Lanier

BIOGRAPHY: 11. Robert Lanier

BIOGRAPHY: Following is the Will Abstract of Clement Lanier:

BIOGRAPHY: Dated February 1658-9, proved December 3, 1661, registered May 20, 1662. The house and forty pounds are left to Clement's oldest daughter, Hannah Lanier. Money was left to Nicholas, Lionel, William, and Frances. Elizabeth and Susannah were to receive money when they came of age or married. Lucretia and Charles have previously died. Money was left to John and Robert Lanier. Clement was preceded in death by his wife, Hannah. Her death is recorded at St. Alphege as Mrs. Lanier, buried December 22, 1653. Clement Lanier was buried beside his wife November 6, 1661 in East Greenwich. Clement LANIER and Hannah COLLET were married in Mar 1627/28 in St Margaret Lee.

5769. Hannah COLLET died before 22 Dec 1653 in East Greenwich, St Alphage Parish, England. She was born in England?. Children were:





Charles LANIER.


Elizabeth LANIER.


Frances LANIER.


Lionel LANIER.


Lucretia LANIER.


Robert LANIER.


Susanna LANIER.


William LANIER.


Nicholas LANIER was born in 1665.


Hannah LANIER was born on 16 Nov 1665.