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Twelfth Generation

2884. John LANIER Sr was born in Oct 1631 in Lewisham, England. He died in 1683 in Charles City, Virginia. BIOGRAPHY: J O H N L A N I E R , S R.

BIOGRAPHY: Our third Lanier generation ancestor, John Lanier, Sr., was born ca. October 1631 in Lewisham, and died ca. 1683 in Charles City Co., VA. He married ca. 1650 in England. John Lanier and Lucreece Lanier were transported by Howell Pryce along with 45 other persons. Record can be found about John Lanier and John Woodlief being sent by the men of the South side of James River to see Governor Berkeley about defense against the Indians. John Lanier Sr., and his son, John Jr. were Rebels who took part in Bacon's Rebellion. The elder Lanier represented the people of Charles City to the Governor, and the younger Lanier joined the fighting forces.#

BIOGRAPHY: Children of John Lanier, Sr.:

BIOGRAPHY: 1. John Lanier, Jr., born 1655

BIOGRAPHY: 2. Katherine Lanier, died May 7, 1665. John LANIER Sr and Lucreece were married in 1650 in England.

2885. Lucreece.Children were:





Katherine LANIER.