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Ninth Generation

352. William SEALE was born in 1730 in Virginia. He died in 1815 in Pittsylvania Co, Or Halifax Co., Virginia. From Gloria Rice West <grwest1@msn.com>:

When I started doing my research, I never dreamed I would find such a treasure trove of information, nor find cousins who were willing to share their information with me. That is why I am writing this book. To pass what little we have been able to preserve and find about our ancestors and pass on to the future generations.

I am so thankful to a man named, Alton Greene, from Sanger, TX. He spent years traveling, visiting relatives, writing, and preserving genealogy history none of us may ever have known or found out. Because of him, I have been able to discover who my Trent, Seale, and Brewer ancestors were. The Greene family is richly entwined with all of our families, including the Amyx family. In genealogy, one learns to accept the so-called (colorful) stories along with those you might consider appealing or important. You find out things you may not necessarily want to know. But all of this is just life. Now I would like to continue with our Seale family history.

Our first proven Seal ancestor, was William Seale. The first records on him are found in Halifax County, VA. in 1753. William was probably born in 1730, probably in the American Colonies, and probably VA.

William always spelled his name with an (e), which points to his English ancestry. Proper names in England such as Seal were always spelled with this final e. Seal was a place, a dwelling, an area, but as a proper name the English spelled it SEALE. Seals, Seale, Seal - England, means Dweller in, or near, a hall, one who came from Seal (hall or small wood), the name of places in Kent and Derbyshire, or from Seale (hall) in Surry.

William Seale was born a subject of King George II, who was more interested in his German land and titles than he was in England or his American colonies. During his rule the war between England and France began. It moved to America and became "The French and Indian War." The French in Canada enlisted the American Indians to help fight the English and the Colonies, thus we find our William Seale, subject of King George II, caught up in this war and it brings us to Halifax Co. VA. in 1753.

William Seale, during his life, was a farmer, a deputy sheriff and a school teacher. These occupations have been followed by countless descendants of his.
William Seale:
Born about 1730, place unknown. Died after 1815 in Pittsylvania Co. or Halifax Co. VA. Married Nancy Anna__________?

Following is a partial list of records which can be found on William Seale:
Land and Property records. Pittsylvania Co. VA.
William Seale bought 400 acres of land in Halifax County, VA in 1756 at head of
Rocky River running toward the Lich of Wolfe Hill.

Colonial Soldiers of Halifax Co. VA. 1758. French and Indian War.
Colonel Abraham Maury:Captains, Lieutenants, and Privates listed.
William Seale was a private.

Halifax county, VA, book 3, Page 257, 1766, July Court.
Ordered that the Church Warden of Antrim Parish in this County do bind out
Zackary, Peter, James, and Solomon Seale, poor children of William Seale
according to law. It appearing to the court that said father is not able to maintain
and instruct them in Christian principals.

(The all powerful and strong Church of England at that time could do things like
that in the early colonies).

Pittsylvania County, VA. Defendants Index to Court Orders, August 1799.
Book 9, Page 137. William Seale appointed Constable of this county.

Following is a lively interesting story about our forebear, William Seale:

Halifax County, VA. 1753
Plaintiff - Murphy
Defendant - Seale
Joseph Murphy an infant under the age of twenty one years by Elenor Smith
his mother and next friend--against William Seale. For reasons appearing to this
court ordered that this suit be dismissed.

From other records it would seem that Elenor Smith had first married ____Murphy, that said Murphy left his son, Joseph also some money. Elenor married second time to Gideon Smith who had also been married before and he had left her and his Smith children some money which seemly said Elenor was spending freely. It appears that William Seale had borrowed or took as a gift, money from Elenor that belonged to her son Joseph Murphy and was helping her spend Smith money.

353. Nancy Anna.Children were:



Zackeriah SEAL.


Peter SEAL was born in 1756.


James SEAL was born in 1758.


Solomon SEAL was born in 1760.


SEAL was born in 1763.


Elizabeth SEAL was born in 1767.


William SEAL Jr was born in 1769.