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Seventh Generation

88. Peter SEAL20 was born in 1775 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. He died in Montgomery County, North Carolina. From Gloria Rice West <grwest1@cox.net>:


Peter Seal, son of Zackeriah and wife______?, was born about 1775 in Pittsylvania Co. VA. He died in Montgomery, Co. NC. Following is a list of his children by his first wife, Pollie Slye.

1. Female, born 1798.

2. Zackeriah Seal, born 1800, married Elizabeth Lamb.

3. Elizabeth Seal, born 1802, married Pleasant Brewer.

4. Anne Seal, born 1805.

5. Female, born1807.

6. Female, born 1810.

7. Sarah Seal, born 1810, married Isham Brewer.

8. Samual Seal, born 1815, married Nancy Brewer. (Our line).

Children by Peter and Rachel Lamb Seal:

1. John Seal, born 1823, married Locky Ann Moles?

2. James Seal, born 1825, married Mary Wilder.

3. Jarvis Seal, born 1826, married #1 Nibley Rydor #2 Emaline Harris.

4. Sarah Seal, born 1832, married John Wyatt.

Children by Peter and his third wife______?. The story is Peter never divorced his second wife, but went off to Montgomery Co., NC.

1. Jackson Seal, born 1835.

2. Noah Seal, born 1837, married Mary Brown.

3. Rebecca Seal, born 1839.

4. Jemima Seal, born 1843.

Peter Seal was said to have a problem, "women"! One story told on him by a descendant said that after the family had been in NC several years, that Peter went back to VA to visit his relatives and while there got involved with a married woman and her husband had to run him out of VA. He was said to have illegitimate children by women in now Hancock Co. TN. His second wife, Rachel, was retarded. The children by his first wife disliked the fact that he had married Rachel. They would not acknowledge his children by Rachel as Seals, but called them "Peter"s.# Peter's third wife was about 40 years younger than himself.

Peter Seal served in the French Indian War under General Andrew Jackson, who later became President.

State of Tennessee Hawkins County
Know all men by these present that I Peter Seal, a private in Capt. Benjamin Powell's Company, East TN. Militia, do authorize nominate and appoint Lawrence Pearson my true and lawful attorney for me and in my name and for my own proper use and benefit to ask and demand and receive and receipt to the paymaster for all such sum or sums of money that is owing unto me the said Peter Seal for a tour of duty served against the hostile Creek Indians under command of Capt. Benjamin Powell as afore said and do further authorize him the said Lawrence Pearson to endorse and receipt to the paymaster of the United States all and every paper that is lawful as the ____was present at the drawing myself----where of I have here unto set my hand and seal this third day of September, 1816, in the presence of
Peter Seal
Joab Brewer Esquire
John Deeney
James Orrick

Richardson Creek Baptist Church Records of 1827 list Zackeriah Seal, Dawson Seal, and Peter Seal, among other members.

Peter Seals, is listed in the Hawkins County, TN census of 1830: Seals, Peter, 31000001-00011.

89. Pollie SLYE.Children were:



Samuel SEAL.


SEAL was born in 1798.


Zackeriah SEAL was born in 1800.


Elizabeth SEAL was born in 1802.


Anne SEAL was born in 1805.


SEAL was born in 1807.


SEAL was born in 1810.


Sarah SEAL was born in 1810.