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Ninth Generation

360. Howell BREWER was born in 1723 in Surry County, Virginia. He died in 1816 in Owsley County, Kentucky. BIOGRAPHY: H O W E L L B R E W E R

BIOGRAPHY: In George Brewer's will we find that Howell Brewer was co-executor with his stepmother, Alice Burwell Brewer. Apparently he was of age, because he witnessed a deed in Brunswick Co. in 1743. Howell Brewer, SR. had left the state leaving his wife, Rebecca Brewer and young children behind. Eventually she joined him. (Ct. Or. Bk. 3, 1745-49, P. 191.)

BIOGRAPHY: Howell had a suit of trespass, assault and battery against him by Charles Collier. He admitted the offense, but the case was dropped. September 4, a Court case reveals an attachment against him for a debt, however he was privately removed so that process could not be served against him for the 41 shillings and four pence.

BIOGRAPHY: Howell is later found in Bladen Co. NC in 1749. Here he received a grant of 200 acres on the northeast side of Deep River in 1754. The Moore Co. NC tax list records him in 1755 with Henry Brewer. He sold his 200 acres on both sides of Deep River to Zachariah Green on August 29, 1758. (Book C. P. 138). He signed both transactions.

BIOGRAPHY: Howell seems to leave a bad reputation wherever he lives, and finds himself in trouble with the law. In Orange Co. NC, 1752, we find a case of John Williams vs. Howell Brewer. Then William Spruce vs. Howell Brewer for debt. In the February Court of 1765 he was sued by Nathaniel Edwards, and in that year Charles Saxon was appointed Overseer of Road in place of Howell Brewer.

BIOGRAPHY: Howell protests the high recording fees in a petition to the Governor & Council in 1768, and he and Nicklas Brewer are listed in Colonial and State Records in NC, Vol. VII, pp. 733-6. Howell served in the Chatham Co. Militia in 1772 under Captain Joab Brooks's Co. A list of signatures requesting a central location for Randolph Co. NC, public buildings list Howell Brewer, Sr., and Jr., along with Isaac Brewer and Reuben Brewer. It is assumed that Rebecca and children had joined Howell by 1746.

BIOGRAPHY: The Revolutionary War Pension record of Isaac Brewer gives some important facts about his family . His father was Howell Brewer, who was from NC, but lived in Wilkes Co. GA, when Isaac was born in 1763; then they moved to Bedford Co. VA when Isaac was 4 or 5 years old. Then they moved to Chatham CO. NC and lived there until Isaac was 25 -26 years old. George Brewer was a younger brother of Isaac.

BIOGRAPHY: According to Ben Brewer's information sent to him by Mae Stevenson of her 1957 research summary: Howell Brewer lived to be 93 years old and died in Owsley Co. KY. His children included James Brewer, Orville Brewer, Ambrose Brewer (Our line), Polly Brewer, and Howell P. Brewer.#

BIOGRAPHY: Mrs. Janice B. Reddin of Findlay, Ohio has spent considerable time doing research on the Brewer family. In the history of Moore County, NC Court Records for the period 1784-1795, said that Ambrose, Drury, Linea and Micajob Brewer were residents of the county about the 1790s. Then in the History of Moore, CO., NC, Appendage B, P. 194, under topic "Permanent 18th Century Settlers", it states that Howell (Dutchman) Brewer was at Deep River in 1754. George Brewer was there by 1777, and Ambrose Brewer by 1787. It also reveals the Seals living in Moore Co. from 1766-1789, after which they moved to TN, also.

BIOGRAPHY: Following is information on Howell and his wives: Howell Brewer, born ca 1723 in Surry Co., VA, married #1 Rebecca Willis, died 1756. #2 Marion May, daughter of John May, died in Western TN.

361. Rebecca WILLIS died in 1756. Children were:



Ambrose BREWER.


William BREWER.






Howell BREWER was born in 1740.


Ann BREWER was born in 1753.


James BREWER was born in 1755.


Orville BREWER was born in 1757.


Polly BREWER was born in 1759.


Isaac BREWER was born in 1764.


Simon BREWER was born in 1775.