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Seventh Generation

90. Howell Cobb BREWER20 was born on 20 Oct 1790 in Moore County, North Carolina. He died on 19 Apr 1886 in Sturgeon, Owsley County, Kentucky. H O W E L L C O B B B R E W E R

This is the last Brewer ancestor I will be covering, as I listed Nancy Brewer Seale, Howell Cobb Brewer's daughter, in the Seale Chapter. Howell Cobb Brewer was born in Moore County, NC, October 20, 1790. He died in Sturgeon, Owsley County, KY, April 19, 1886. He married Nancy Short in Moore County, NC, September 10, 1810. She died in Hawkins County, TN, April 22, 1834. Howell Cobb had 11 children by his first wife, Nancy Short.#

Howell then married his second wife, name not known, in Hawkins Co. TN, September 12, 1834. No children were born to this union and she died June 16, 1837. He then married #3, Mary Polly Wolfe, in Hawkins County, TN, September 3, 1838. She was born in TN in 1800, and died at Sturgeon, Owsley County, KY, June 2, 1896. She was the daughter of George and Polly___Wolfe.

Following is a Biographical sketch of Howell Cobb Brewer at Home, Owsley County, KY, August 13, 1885, that was given to Rev. Ealan P. Brewer:

Howell Brewer, age 94 years, nine months and thirteen days, was born in the State of NC, Moore County, on Dup River, in the year of our Lord, October 20, 1790. Married there on the 10 of September 1810. Emigrated from there to Hawkins Co. TN in 1814, then 24 years old.

"Me and my wife had twelve children, one born in NC. We lived together about 24 years and in the year 1834, April 22, she died.. Then enters the second wife, the 12 of September 1834. I had no children by her. She died June 16, 1837. She lay about 16 months of that time. She was scarcely able to walk alone.
On September 3, 1838, I married my third wife. We had five children. Four sons and one daughter and we and all of my first wife's children are still living. I raised eleven of my first wife's and five of my last wife's children to man and womanhood, which makes sixteen in all and I never had to part with any of them.
I joined the Missionary Baptist Church in the year of 1832 and have lived in my duty most of my life. I have been in public life, Civil and Military, upwards of fifty years. I had two sons that volunteered in the Florida War and served six months. Then I had two sons that went into the war with Mexico and served until peace was made. At the commencement of the late war, I had nine sons living; out of the nine, six entered the Federal Army. Five of whom served three years. I finished in the late war, sons, sons-in-law, grandsons, the fifth part of Captains Company, (20).
I have lived to see the fourth and might say the fifth generation. I have 133 grandchildren now living, and great grandchildren, I might say 200.
"I immigrated from East Tennessee in the year of 1848 to Owsley County, KY, and have lived here since."
Written by V. S. Brewer, August 13, 1885.

Howell Cobb Brewer was Justice of the Peace in Hawkins County, Tennessee from 1830 until 1842, and probably before and after these dates. He also served for an unknown period in the same office in Owsley County, KY.

List of deeds, recorded in Hawkins County, Rogersville, TN.

August 6, 1839, Howell Brewer to Samual Seals, 30 acres (18-371)

Howell Brewer: Males: two under 5, one 5-10, one 10-15, two 15-20, one 30-40. Females: one 5-10, two 10-15, one 30-40.

1830 Hawkins County Census: Brewer, Howell

I have a picture of Howell Cobb Brewer's grave headstone marker, sent to me by Claris Brewer Barrett, of Booneville, KY. She is a descendant of one of his children. I hope to attend the Brewer reunion and visit the graves of Howell Cobb Brewer, and then go down to War Creek Baptist Church and visit Ambrose Brewer's grave. We have a cousin, Evelyn Brewer Wolfe, that lives on the old Brewer homestead. Mother, (Myrtle Marie Amyx), went to visit Evelyn and her mother, Leona Brewer in the 1960s. I have talked to Evelyn Wolfe two or three times, and she thought the world of Mother. Evelyn said they enjoyed Mother immensely; and that they just talked and laughed when Mother was there.

Just this October, 2001, Roy and I had the opportunity to go to Kentucky to visit Edna Jones, our Amyx kin who has helped me with so much genealogy on the Amyx and Allied Families. I told her I wanted to go over to Booneville, KY in Owsley Co. just east of Jackson Co where she lives. Howell Cobb's grave site was there and I personally wanted to visit it.

On Saturday we drove over and went to the old homestead of Howell Cobb and met his great granddaughter, Pearl McCollam, and her son Robert. They were so cordial and took us up to the hill where the cemetery was. Robert has built a beautiful lake on a fork where two big hills are. It is loaded with fish and wildlife and game of all sorts are abundant there.

I took a picture of the old fire place arc stone which came out of Howell Cobb's home. Pearl has it out in the yard. This was a great highlight of my travels and research. Howell Cobb BREWER and Nancy SHORT were married on 10 Sep 1810.

91. Nancy SHORT died on 22 Apr 1834 in Hawkins County, Tennessee. She was born in North Carolina?. Children were:





George BREWER.


Ambrose BREWER was born in 1815.


Mary Polly BREWER was born in 1818.


Sarah BREWER was born in 1823.


James M BREWER was born in 1825.


Howell P BREWER was born in 1826.


William BREWER was born in 1829.


Orville BREWER was born in 1831.


Martha BREWER was born in 1834.