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Eighth Generation

170. Joshua PALMER Sr47 was born on 12 Mar 1750 in Amelia County, Virginia. He died on 5 Dec 1835 in Union County, South Carolina. Joshua Palmer was born in England around 1747-1750. He located in South
Marriage records on film #0453791.
He served in the Revolutionary War.

Volume I a Roster of Revolutionary Ancestors of the Indiana Daughters of the
American Revolution, page 492 lists the following:

PALMER, JOSHUA, b. 12 Mar (or Nov) 1750, Amherst Co., Va., d. Dec 1835, Union
District, S. C., m. -, d. 1808-1812, Crab Orchard, Ky. SERVICE: Capt. S. C.,
served 4 months in Capt. Brandon's Co., Col Thomas S.C. Regt. Oct 1775.
He enlisted in May 1776 served 5 months in Capt Jolly's Co. Annual allowance
$280.00 sums rec'd. $700.00 commenced pension 4 Mar 1831. CHILDREN: Pamenas; William; Joshua Jr., m. 8 Sept 1811, L. C.; Mary, b. 6 Jul 1779, m. William Sparks. DESCENDANT: Irene McDaniel (Mrs. Walter M.), No. 309381.

History of Fayette and Union County, Indiana states that he was a native of
England, and served on an English ship at sea, for three years.

He was ordained a Baptist minister in the Charleston Association in 1792.
He moved to Franklin County, IN around 1808-1812. He sent his family ahead by wagon. Mary be came seriously ill in Kentucky and died. She was buried at Crab Orchard. The children continued on to Indiana. Joshus came north, found Mary's grave and stayed to preach awhile at Crab Orchard. He and his wife Mary had 12 children.

After Mary died, he remarried Rhoda (Unknown). He settled in Union County, IN.

From the tree of Mitzie Rogers <jemeoinv@infowest.com>:
UNION DISTRICT By the will of God Amen I Joshua Palmer Senr. (former) of the State and District aforesaid being in good health for my age and of Sound memory. mind and understanding praised be God, for the same do hereby make and declare this my last will and Testament in manner and form following That is to Say I will that all my honest debts be paid first out of my Property
I All and bequeath unto 4 beloved wife Rhoda Palmer all the plantation whereon we now Leave for her exclusive use and benefit during her natural life also her choice of one Cow and Calf Three feather bed bedsteads and furniture for the Same. and one Sow and pigs also one hundred and twenty five bushels of Corn I also give and bequeath unto her during her lifetime the use of one negro girl Milley and her increase if any and at her death Said negro to be sold with her increase if any and the amount equally divided among my Lawful heirs I also give and bequeath unto my wife Rhoda Palmer one hundred dollars in Silver for her Kindness and attention to no during my affliction with a cancer. I hereby give and bequeath unto my Sons Wm Palmer and Vardy Palmer after the decease of my wife Rhoda Palmer all the plantation whereon I now leave Containing by estimation two hundred and Seven acres. The said Land to be equally divided betwen (them) and William Palmer to take the part where on the house now stands.
I do hereby give and bequeath unto my daughter Martha Cudd and the Lawful - heirs of her body all the western part of the plant - where on Purr Palmer and Carter C Cudd now live begining on a poplar tree on the branch and running from thence in a straight line a long where Purr Palmers fence now stands to the top of the hill opposite to large rookes and thence in a straight line to a red oak Corner of Said plantation near a Spring on Aaron Davison Land and from thence along the outside Lines of said plantation to the said poplar- Also I Give and bequeath unto the said Martha Cudd one negro woman named Charity t her child duringher natural life And at her death said negros and their increase if any to be Sold and their pries equally divided among the lawful heirs of her body, The above property I will exclusively to my daughters use and benefit and not subject to the payment of my debt contracted by her husband, I do also will that the a above property be appraised and the a amount taken out of said Martha Cudd share of my estate
I do hereby give & bequeath unto my Son Purr Palmer all the eastern part of the plantation whereon he now Lives running with the division line described in my bequest to Martha Cudd and with the out side lines from a red oak Corner near a spring on Aaron Davises Land to a poplar the beginning of the division Line of said plantation.
Also I will and bequeath unto the said Purr Palmer the amount of one execution in the Sheriffs office against him at the suit of I. I. Foster vs, Purr Falser and of the thirty dollars and fifty cents paid by me for a horse for him. Both of which it is my will be to Ken an So much of his Share of my estate and also that the Land bequeathed a above be appraised and the a mount
taken out of his Share of my estate. I do here by will that all the balls nee of my estate both Real and personal be appraised and Sold and an equal division of the proceeds of the same be made among my children William Palmer Daniel Richard Palmer. Thomas Palmer Aaron Davis. Martha Cudd Joshua Falser Purr Palmer Vardy Palmer and my grandson Robert Smith to each an equal Share deducting out of Purr Palmer's and Martha Cudd Shares the amount by appraisment bequeathed to then Respectively and deduting out of Williams Palmers and Vardy Palmer Shares one hundred and fifty dollars each in Consideration of the land willed to them and Subject to the Life estate of my wife Rhoda Palmer
I do hereby nominate Constitute and appoint James 8 Alexander of Pinckney Tilde. S. C. my True and Sole executor of this my Will and Testament
In Witness Where of I the Said Joshua Palmer hereunto Set
my hand and annexed my Seal this first day of may one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight.
Change Date: 6 Sep 2002 at 00:10:08 Joshua PALMER Sr and Mary were married on 6 Jul 1779 in Laurens County, South Carolina.

171. Mary47 died in 1796 in Crab Orchard, Kentucky. She was born in Laurens District, , South Carolina. Children were:



Martha PALMER.


Pamenas "Purr" PALMER47 was born about 1772 in Union County, South Carolina.


William PALMER47 was born on 11 Feb 1773 in Union County, South Carolina. He died on 25 Oct 1840 in Sugar Grove, Rock Island, Illinois. William Palmer was a Pvt in the War of 1812. He was on the Muster Roll of
Captain John Brison's Company of Militia, 7 Reg't Indiana Territory, called
into service for protection of the frontiers of said Territory and mustered
into service September 18, 1813. Roll dated Brookville (Indiana).

He was an early settler of Fayette County, IN; subsequently moved to Rock
Island County, IL, where he lived about two years and died there 25 Oct 1840.


Joshua PALMER Jr.47 was born about 1785 in Union County, South Carolina.


Mary PALMER47 was born on 6 Jul 1779. She died on 6 Jul 1848 in Connerville, Fayette County, Indiana.


Ann PALMER was born about 1771 in Union County, South Carolina. She died before 1835 in Union County, South Carolina.


Lutitia PALMER was born about 1775 in Union County, South Carolina.


Richard PALMER was born about 1777 in Union County, South Carolina.


Vardy PALMER was born about 1781 in Union County, South Carolina.


Thomas PALMER was born about 1783 in Union County, South Carolina.